Present Perfect

Duration : 44 minutes

Present Perfect follows a story of Pam (Aom Suchar) a party girl who is not yet recovering from the unforgettable love in the past. Unexpectedly, Pam becomes a nanny of "UK" her own niece whom she never met before. Due to her sister's urgent business trip Pam must take care of UK..but things are not easy as it seems. While problems keep popping up "Lek" a guy next-door happens to be a middleman reconciling relationship between the young auntie and her cute niece, making their bond becomes stronger and stronger. And during this nannyhood Pam tries to move on from the past, at the same time, there is something happening on her mind towards Lek...

ประเภท : ดราม่า
กำหนดฉาย : พฤษภาคม 2016
กำกับ : -
เขียนบท : -
นำแสดง :
Aom - Suchar Manayin, UK - Nathaya Ongsritrakul, Best- Anavil Chartthong and Pompam - Niti Chaichithathorn